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The team at Fox Chapel Advanced Dental Care also provides desperately needed dental care to people in the Dominican Republic. “We are trying to leave the world a bit better than we found it, so I and one or more of our team has gone down to the Dominican Republic twice a year since 2011.” They set up and run a three-day clinic in a medical and eye facility that allows the team to utilize a room for the week. “During the course of those days, we can often see 100+ patients for cleanings, simple fillings, and extractions. Our vision is to raise funds and build a second floor on the clinic where we currently practice. The second floor would be strictly dedicated to dentistry.” They are also passionate about training local dentists and hygienists in the Dominican Republic in order to create a culture of oral health. “The need is so great. Many people live in chronic pain and a great number will go their entire lives without seeing a dentist,” Dr. Kevin explains, “this is why we go.