Minor Tooth Movement- MTM


 MTM stands for Minor Tooth Movement, and is an innovative approach to traditional braces. Similar to Invisalign┬«, MTM uses clear plastic aligners to quickly and comfortably straighten teeth. It is a fast and convienent alternative for most patients who are looking to improve their smile. 

Using a series of custom made aligners most cases are completed in 3-6 months, and best of all they are discreet and completely removable! MTM aligners can correct many common esthetic problems such as crowding, spacing, or teeth that have shifted after previous orthodontic treatments. We recommend wearing the aligners at all times, except for eating and brushing your teeth. 

Dr. Pawlowicz has been trained in MTM and is now offering this new technology to bring an affordable way to enhance your smile. Please give our office a call for more details, or to set up a consultation appointment to see if MTM is a good fit for you!!

Actual MTM case completed by Dr. Kevin Pawlowicz.  Total length of treatment was approximately 2 months. 

Before :                                                                                             After:


 Check out this video to see how MTM technology works!

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